Despite the name of the fictional city, Christopher Nolan has found a home for Batman in Chicago. Though Gotham in the comics is modeled after New York, Nolan has filmed his two previous films about the Caped Crusader in the Windy City where he spent a good chunk of his childhood growing up. In all likelihood, the third Batman film, which Michael Caine says will start shooting next April, will follow suit, but now it's looking like it may not be the only location.

Comic Book Movie reports that a deal is in the works that will see nearly half of principal photography for the film taking place in New Orleans, Louisiana. In recent years, the state has offered incredible tax incentives for films to shoot in the city, and with Warner Bros. recently wrapping up production of Green Lantern down in the bayou, it seems as though the company is interested in staying on the state government's good side.

As great a job as Nolan has done transforming Chicago into Gotham City, this really shouldn't concern fans. Nolan is simply too talented a director to not be able to work around a change in location shooting. Hell, it may even work out for the best as the money saved can be put towards other aspects of the film. And, of course, there's always the possibility that Batman heads down to Coast City to visit Green Lantern...

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