Richard Armitage
Unless you’re randomly a big Tolkien fan or perhaps from the United Kingdom, you could have made fifty Batman candidate lists, and I highly doubt any of them would have included Armitage. He’s currently starring as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit, though he had a role in Captain America as Heinz Kruger. He definitely knows his way around action scenes, and with a past that includes an Agatha Christie mystery, he knows his way around stuffy society types too.

Ultimately, Armitage’s stock will likely rise or fall based on whether Snyder and company want a name player or not. Clearly, his casting wouldn’t create a buzz outside the fanboy world, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he wouldn’t still be right for the part. In theory, you shouldn’t need someone famous to put any asses in the seats for a freakin Batman vs Superman movie.

Max Martini
If Martini looks familiar to you, it’s probably because you either a) just saw him in Pacific Rim, b) have watched a lot of procedurals or c) can’t get enough of Revenge. He recently stole a scene in the first movie as the sacrificing father. Before that, he recurred as Frank Stevens on the latest, and throughout it all, he guest starred on a slew of who-done-its including but not limited to The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Castle, Lie To Me, Without A Trace, Numb3rs, White Collar and Hawaii Five-0. That’s right. At some point, you probably saw him admit to murder, witness a murder or both. Later this year, however, he will likely break out in a big way when he plays opposite Tom Hanks as either the second or third lead in Captain Phillips.

Martini is easily the biggest wild card on this list. He’s always come off as a pretty good actor, but being capable and having enough charisma to actually carry an event film are very different things. I wouldn’t be shocked if he got a screen test, but he would need to crush probably a dozen of them before actually landing a role this size.

Matthew Goode
Have you seen Stoker? Most of the Cinema Blend employees have, and it was a goddamn wrestling match among the staff for the privilege of choosing it for Best Movie of 2013 thus far. Much of that success, of course, traces its way back to Matthew Goode who is the perfect combination of intimidating and creepy as hell. He’s great in the movie, which shouldn’t shock anyone since he’s been great in everything including Watchmen, which was also directed by Snyder. Like Gosling, he could easily pull off the Wayne angle, but the real question mark with him would be whether or not he could bulk up.

Goode was tough in Watchmen, but it was more of an acrobatic and athletic tough, not a Street Fighter tough, which is what Batman calls for. He would need to get more overtly scary, and he would need to work on a really deep Batman voice if he wanted a real shot at the role. Also working against him, he would probably be an ideal villain down the road. He just has that face.

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