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As The Dark Knight Rises continues to shoot in the wide open in downtown Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, we're getting a ton of early looks at the film, uncommon for a production by the super-secretive Christopher Nolan. You've probably already seen the first batch of photos, which gave us a clear look at Tom Hardy in costume as Bane and also the Batmobile done up in camouflage instead of its traditional black. Now a whole new batch has shown up via Getty, showing Bane and Batman going head to head in combat amid a giant fight scene that's set in a blizzard, somewhat hilarious given the punishing July heat. We also get our first look at Marion Cotillard on set as Talia al Ghul (well, probably), and also a wedding party that happened upon a set and paid a visit to the Batmobile-- because who doesn't want to step inside Batman's ride while wearing her wedding dress?

Check out a selection of the images below (UPDATE: images have been removed due to copyright claim), and below that, a video (via Slashfilm) of the fight scene in action. It could be considered spoilery except I have no idea what the context of the fight is, and thanks to the teaser trailer and centuries of storytelling logic, we already knew the hero would fight the villain at some point. It is interesting to see the fight taking place amid a giant scrum of flying fists and elbows though-- presumably this is just an early skirmish leading up to a one-on-one confrontation. Then again, Catwoman is nowhere to be seen in this fight, so the scene could fit anywhere into the narrative. It's remarkable that Nolan is crafty enough o shoot a giant scene like this in the middle of a city and still keep so much of the story secret.

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