Hot on the heels of news concerning Ryan Phillipe's potential involvement comes a barrage of further developments in Gotham from Batman On Film and SciFi.

First up SciFi Wire says they have learned that the sequel will be titled The Dark Knight. What is not clear is if that is the exclusive title or if it will include the character name i.e. Batman: The Dark Knight. Warner Brothers is expected to confirm on Aug 1st the title and, contrary to what we briefly reported earlier (and have since pulled), that Heath Ledger has indeed signed on to play the Joker.

Next is huge progress on an old rumour. A tried and trusted source over at Batman On Film "confirms" that the other major villain is in fact, as rumoured earlier, the Penguin and his character will be apparently appear as a British arms dealer with mob connections. The casting of the role is one part bitter, one part sweet however as an offer has allegedly been made to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who has already expressed that he may not be willing and/or able to get involved. Why exactly is anyone's guess and I'm willing to serve benefit of the doubt on this guy by assuming that all this hassle is no more than trying to work around prior commitments. After all, with the critical/commercial one-two success of Batman Begins he would have to be crazy not to want to get involved right? Right?!

I mean, really!..... these Holywood types!

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