When Battleship, the film project based on the classic Hasbro/Milton Bradley game, was first announced in May it didn't seem like that bad an idea. It had a more than capable director attached (Peter Berg) and would be about naval warfare, which could look very cool on screen. Hell, in a world of Jem and The Holograms, Stretch Armstrong, and Barbie it seemed like a damned good idea. Then they had to go ahead and mess it up Indy 4-style.

The folks over at Latino Review have revealed that Peter Berg's Battleship will be about... aliens. That's right. Fucking aliens.

It is not yet known if the story has been moved to space or the interstellar creatures managed to commandeer a vessel on the high seas, but either way the idea is depressing. The original concept isn't that hard to adapt, and is already well-fit into the cinema mainstream (may I remind you that the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has earned more than $2.7 billion worldwide), so why change it? Maybe its going to be a trend now: Barbie is going to be about a Frankenstein monster, Ouija Board is going to explore the corruption in the Chicago police force and Monopoly will be about the expansive opium market in Iraq. Because that's the real heart of the story, right?

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