Universal has just made a huge mistake. Battlestar Galactica is nearing the end of its run on television and it seems natural that someone out there might consider transitioning this thing to the big screen, especially considering the show’s rampant popularity among both fans and critics. So HR reports that Universal Pictures is working on a Battlestar movie. Except they aren’t using the version you saw on TV as the film’s basis. Nope, instead they’ve hired Glen Larson, the guy responsible for the original, extremely cheesy 80s version to make the film.

Larson has had very little to do with the new, much more popular version of his show. In fact he’s been just about the only vocal opponent to it. Unfortunately, Larson owns the movie rights to the franchise and for years now he’s been the road block standing in the way of getting a movie done. This news makes it seem that since he refused to budge, Universal threw up its hands and gave him what he wants since he, not the guy in charge of the current BSG incarnation Ron Moore, is writing and producing the new movie version.

So for those of you with dreams of seeing your current favorite BSG characters up on screen… forget it. Instead you’ll get a stupid robot dog and guys in shiny spandex, courtesy of Glen A. Larson. The movie version will have no connection to the series and by the mere fact of its existence erases any hope that the current, superior version of BSG will ever get its theatrical due.

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