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Sean Bean has become the villain of the new millennium. It used to be you went to guys like Alan Rickman or Jeremy Irons if you wanted a good, nefarious bad guy, but Bean really has replaced them in recent years with pictures like The Hitcher, National Treasure, and, of course, GoldenEye. An interesting career for an actor who is best known in other countries for his hero, Richard Sharpe.

Moviehole is reporting that Bean is about to add another villainous role to that list of do-badders. He is apparently slated to take the lead in The Cache which is “a revenge thriller about a man who involuntarily brings a couple of kids into his unlawful operations.” As the site points out, it does sound an awful lot like another Hitcher movie, just with a different title.

Chris Hemsworth and Victoria Profeta are slated to co-star, most likely as the “kids,” although they aren’t exactly young pups. Both actors only have a few roles under their belts, although Hemsworth was nominated for his “Home and Away” role for the Silver Logie. Steve Anderson, the director behind Fuck and The Big Empty will direct.

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