CBS may be the king of ratings amongst the other network channels, but their films division isn't doing so hot. Started in 2007, the company, CBS Films, has put out two films so far this year: Jennifer Lopez's The Back-Up Plan and Extraordinary Measures (which is better known for this video than for being an actual movie). The company was scheduled to have two more films this year, Dwayne Johnson's Faster and Vanessa Hudgens' Beastly, but now that number is being cut in half.

THR says that CBS has postponed the release of Hudgens' film, moving it from July 30th, 2010 to March 18, 2011. The push came as a result of Universal's decision to release the new Zac Efron film, Charlie St. Cloud, on the same weekend. Not wanting the High School Musical stars to battle for attention, the change was made to a date next year when kids would be on spring break, according to CBS Film Executive Vice President Steven Friedlander. The film is a modern adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, which also stars Alex Pettyfer, Mary Kate Olsen, and Neil Patrick Harris.

So why, you may ask, was CBS Films so quick to back down? Hell, both stars are from the same franchise and should have an equal share of the Disney tween audience, right? What's that? 17 Again made about 13 times what Bandslam made domestically? That may have something to do with it.

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