The older Kate Hudson gets, the more she starts to look like a half-empty wineskin… which may explain why her projects increasingly seem to have been chosen while she’s drunk off her as. At least that’s my theory, for why she’s in so many consistently awful films.

Hudson’s latest is My Best Friend’s Girl and as Lionsgate confirmed to us earlier this week, it is not being screened for the press. You know what that means… it’s bad. It’s so bad that Lionsgate, as they have so often done recently, is hoping to fool you into seeing it before the world is flooded with reviews warning you of just how incredibly bad it is. Scuse me while I unleash my wagging finger of shame.

Since you can’t look to reviews for a barometer on just how awful this thing is, you’ll have to look to this: A behind the scenes featurette showing bits and pieces of the hilarity that ensued while making it. Or the alleged hilarity. Hey, maybe you’ll find this video hilarious. If you do, go see the movie with my blessing. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you. Here’s the featurette:

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