Everyone knows that if you aren't going with Tom Selleck, it's George Clooney who should be playing Thomas in the upcoming film translation of the "Magnum P.I." television series. The problem there I suspect, is that they're having a hard time convincing George to do it.

So with Clooney reluctant to grow out his fantastic mustache and squeeze into a pair of short shorts, the long litany of Magnum P.I. casting rumors continues. The latest comes from our friends over at FilmRot, who've dug up a blurb from the unreliable news section of IMDB that claims Ben Affleck may be in consideration for the role.

The rumor claims that Magnum's producers have him down as their first choice for the part. Even one of the series' original producers has gone on record as saying he's their man. Of course, they still have to convince Ben to do it.

It's fashionable to bash Ben's acting chops, but I'm not going to do that. I've always thought him an underrated actor, so that's not why he doesn't belong here. Ben doesn't belong as Magnum not because he can't play the character, but because he just doesn't have the right amount of years on him. Granted, Ben is well into his thirties by now, but he doesn't have the kind of maturity you need for a character like Magnum. Magnum should be played by a guy who looks more like he's inching towards 40, not a guy who's 35 going on 26.

Then there's the mustache to consider. Can Ben pull of a spectacular piece of facial hair? He tried a facial hair variation in Chasing Amy and he just doesn't have the face for it.

If Selleck's too old and you can't get Clooney, then keep looking for someone with a little more maturity on them. I'm not slaved to any particular look here, but the guy needs to have some years on his face if he's going to play Thomas Magnum. Ben Affleck isn't the right choice.

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