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Why isn't Ben Foster a star? He's a big name, but he's not an A-list name, which is strange for a guy with all the acting talent in the world and enough good looks to match it. There's still time, but the early buzz from brilliant performances as a teenager are gone. Maybe this is the vehicle that will lead to Academy Award nominations and first ticket billing in blockbusters.

According to Deadline, Foster has just signed onto 360, a loose adaptation of Reigen, the play that inspired the 1950s film La Rande. The basic story follows a string of intersecting storylines that weave through infidelity and love. Peter Morgan wrote the screenplay and Fernando Meirelles is directing. You may remember Meirelles helmed The Constant Gardner which rewarded Rachel Weisz with a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination. She's back, along with Foster and Anthony Hopkins for a story that frankly, has Academy Awards written all over it. Funding is already in place, but there's no distributer or start date.

Come'on, Ben Foster. Now's the time to prove us all right.