While Anchorman 2 may be dead and buried, things have actually been looking up for a Zoolander sequel in recent weeks. In August, director/star Ben Stiller took to his Twitter account to confirm that the project is still alive and then writer Justin Theroux announced that the script, with the exception of a few tweaks, is ready to be sent to the studio. But before Derek Zoolander makes his way back to the silver screen, it now appears that he will be taking a detour on the internet.

The New York Times recently spoke with Stiller who announced that he will be bringing the character back through a series of animated shorts produced by Paramount Digital Entertainment. One of two online series that Stiller will be making as part of a two-year deal, the other being Billy Glimmer: Entertainer of the Century, Stiller says that the series could grow into television shows or movies. He is also hoping that co-stars like Owen Wilson and Will Ferrell will make time to voice their own characters in the shorts.

A live-action Zoolander 2 movie didn't come up in conversation, so the question, naturally, is whether the plan is to still make one or not. By the time one could be made, the first film will be more than a decade old, so this may actually be the best way for the character to continue. Perhaps if the shorts are successful enough we will see another movie, but until then, at least we get to see the return of everyone's favorite male model.

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