I have a hard time even typing this up. It just seems too stupid to be true. Alright, here we go. Beverly Hills Cop 4, fourth in a franchise of rated-R movies starring Eddie Murphy, will be a kids movie. No that is not a joke. God I wish it was.

Brett Ratner, who is in negotiations to direct the film, tells MTV: “10-year-old kids, 12-year-old kids don’t really know the old ‘Beverly Hills Cop.’ So it’s an opportunity to make it new for kids.” Take a second to go back and read that quote again, after you vomit.

When it was announced that Eddie Murphy was go for Beverly Hills Cop 4, I like a lot of people, assumed this was Eddie attempting to shed his recently created kid-friendly persona and go back to the edgy, interesting, rated-R performer he was in the 90s. Now it looks like the opposite is true. Beverly Hills Cop 4 is Eddie Murphy’s attempt to kiddify his old movies, thus making them suck as much as his recent, watered down, crap.

The hot new trend in Hollywood is of course, taking popular rated-R franchises and making them teen friendly. It was done successfully with Die Hard, with a pretty good PG-13 fourth installment in the franchise, and McG is currently working on a PG-13 Terminator. That’s bad enough. But this takes it to an entirely new level. We’re not talking about a PG-13 Beverly Hills Cop, if Ratner is targeting 10-year-olds, we’re talking PG folks. A PG Beverly Hills Cop movie.

I’ve never seen such shockingly blatant, open pandering. You’d think Ratner would at least have the sense to be ashamed of it. His reputation as the successful franchise’s antichrist is now certainly secure. Get ready to throw Beverly Hills Cop 4 up on a shelf with X-Men 3 and all the other great stuff he’s made millions for utterly ruining.

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