We’ve heard a great deal about The LEGO Batman Movie, how it’ll explore whether Will Arnett’s Dark Knight can find happiness or not, and how it’ll incorporate all the iterations of the Bat. But now let’s turn our attention to The LEGO Movie 2. After the box-office success of the first film, the Chris Miller and Phil Lord hit has a sequel scheduled for May 25, 2018. While we’re still waiting to hear more about plot details, it looks like Miller and Lord already have some kinks in how to approach one very important aspect of the sequel.

During an interview with The LEGO Movie writer/directors, Coming Soon inquired about the plans to have The LEGO Movie 2 kick off four years after the first one ended - an introduced an interesting conundrum to the project. In order to pull off this time jump, it requires actor Jadon Sand (who played the live action child, Finn, in the film) to be appropriately aged up, which in turn means that plans are going to have to be scheduled years in advance to have him reprise his role. As Chris Miller explained
Well, it comes out four years later. We’ll have to figure that out when we get to shooting. The live-action part, it’ll be several years before we shoot that part for sure.

You might be saying to yourself, "Several years?!" Well, yeah! The LEGO Movie was made using a mix of actual LEGO pieces and VFX magic, which takes a while to put together. Lord and Miller are currently writing the script for The LEGO Movie 2, in addition to producing all the other LEGO films Warner Bros. has on the docket. That’s a pretty busy slate. Still, the co-directors and their team still seem pretty pumped for what they have in the works.

Towards the end of The LEGO Movie, we saw Emmet (Chris Pratt) traveling outside of the LEGO worlds to find who was actually orchestrating his entire adventure - and discovering that it was a little kid playing with his dad’s LEGO sets. The reveal was jarring for the lead character, and according to a previous interview with Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Emmet’s suffering an existential crisis as a result of it. Given how few revelations the simpleminded fella can handle, this will be a task. The duo have also expressed their interest in seeing what happens when the little kid upstairs reaches adolescence and how that will change his outlook on his mini-figures. If you ask us, it sounds like what happened in the Toy Story movies.

Aside from Emmet, The LEGO Movie 2 is presumed to also bring back some other familiar faces, including the wonderful WyldStyle (Elizabeth Banks). Phil Lord and Chris Miller are still keeping details firmly under wraps, but they do promise that there will be more female characters to apply to a broader audience. After all, we did see the LEGO worlds invaded by the toys from the kid’s sister at the very end of the film, and one could see her wind up having a very big influence on the sequel's story,
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