Late last month it was reported that Saturday Night Live players Will Forte and Bill Hader were being considered for roles in the long-rumored Ghostbusters III, and then it was confirmed that the studio is interested in bringing them on board. But guess who they forgot to tell? The Playlist recently spoke with Hader at the red carpet premiere of True Grit and revealed that the only connection he's had to the project was when he heard the story come out last month.
“I heard about it the same way you guys did! I went online and was like, whoa! Cool! All my friends were calling, ‘Are you gonna be in Ghostbusters 3?’ I obviously am very flattered, but I don’t know anything about it.”

One project that he did confirm that the Judd Apatow-produced script House of Joel, which Hader wrote, is still alive and well. Originally titled When A Stranger Calls A Dude (a better title in my opinion), the project is about a man named Joel, to be played by Hader, who is being stalked by a psychopath. According to the actor, he and Human Giant writer Jason Woliner are currently working on the next draft and Apatow is "very much a believer in it."

Though I personally haven't found Saturday Night Live funny in years, there's no denying that Bill Hader is the best member of the current cast. The guy is absolutely hysterical and if there's one person that they are going to pull from SNL to star in Ghostbusters III it should be him.

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