Bill Maher’s religion documentary Religulous did well at the box office, but never caused the non-believer uprising some might have hoped for. These days people only take to the streets to prevent themselves from getting healthcare or to draw Hitler mustaches on pictures of the president. Still, at least one good thing resulted from the film: It put preacher Jeremiah Cummings out of business.

Cummings is interviewed in the film by Maher, and appears dressed in gaudy clothes while bragging about the lavish lifestyle he lives at the expense of his flock. He justified these expenditures by saying, “people want you to look well.” After his appearance in the film, Cummings tells ABC News that he stopped getting requests for speaking engagements. He then went on to sue Lionsgate, Religulous’s distributor, but eventually dropped the case voluntarily, claiming he did so “for the sake of his children”.

His troubles didn’t end there. Cummings was soon sued by his own parishioners, who claimed he stole nearly half a million dollars from his flock for his “personal use”. In short, Religulous ripped apart this asshole’s pyramid scheme and now he’s pissed off about it. Good riddance. Thank you Bill Maher for saving us from at least one, petty, pathetic charlatan.

Watch the Religulous scene that rescued the future life savings of a hundred sweet old ladies below:

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