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Now that Thanksgiving’s nearly out of the way, people are getting down with Christmas. For me Christmas mostly means sitting around watching Christmas movies. At the top of my yearly viewing list? Bad Santa. Since the release of Billy Bob Thornton’s horribly raunchy movie about a drunken, thieving, fat chick screwing department store Santa it’s become something of a Christmas classic, at least among cynical people who like their holidays with a healthy dose of “fuck”. So what about a sequel? Billy Bob Thornton is all for it.

Talking to Collider BBT revealed, ““there’s been talk of making a sequel to it, which I actually would like to do.” He doesn’t offer any information beyond that, and it doesn’t exactly sound like this idea is being fast tracked, but it’s nice to know someone out there is thinking of it.

When last we left Billy Bob’s drunken Willie character, he was locked safely away in jail, after being shot up while escaping from a mall heist to deliver Christmas presents to an unfortunate fat kid. Will he escape and return to his holiday heist ways? Maybe he can use some other beloved holiday figure as a way to obtain ill-gotten gains. Bad Easter Bunny, anyone?

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