Between the two gestating Darren Aronofsky projects, Robocop and Black Swan, the latter is by far the one with the most traction. Natalie Portman signed on for the lead role a month ago, and now THR's Risky Business is reporting that Fox Searchlight is coming very close to distributing it. Robocop, however, remains in perpetual development. Will it ever get made?

Aronofsky has been cagey about discussing Robocop lately, and Risky Business thinks it might be because he's about to drop out entirely. Apparently MGM, who wouldn't comment on the story, is quietly looking for other directors in case Aronofsky's commitment to Black Swan means they can't get Robocop finished for the 2011 release date.

Given Aronofsky's tendency to linger over projects for years and years, it's almost impossible to imagine that a Robocop released in 2011 could have his name on it. It's too early to call the whole thing finished, of course, but it seems likely that those of us excited about this particularly reboot will end up disappointed.

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