If you’ve been watching Darren Aronofsky movies since Pi back in 1998 like we have, you’ll be somewhat accustomed to the out-there director’s unique films. But if the only experience you have with him is The Wrestler, you may have no idea where Black Swan came from.

The psychological thriller genre is right up Aronofsky’s alley and with Black Swan he seems to have taken said genre and sprinkled in heaping spoonfuls of “WTF” and stirred vigorously until his concoction exploded into what you see on screen here in this music video/teaser. It seems more akin to Gaspar Noe’s Enter the Void than anything Aronofsky’s done himself, but is still outstanding to look at.

The teaser can be seen below or in glorious high def over at Apple. It looks great so check it out, but be warned, this video is no friend to those with epilepsy or pregnant women. Shit is flashy.

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