It’s only a matter of time before we get Blair Witch 3. Why wouldn’t we? It seems like every classic horror film from It to Pet Sematary to Poltergeist is getting remade, and the rest are getting new installments or a TV show. (We’re looking at you, Halloween and Scream.) So when Blair Witch co-director Eduardo Sanchez was asked about whether another continuation of his found-footage horror film was in the cards, he confirmed what we’re all thinking: probably.

Though it was mainly about his new Bigfoot movie Exists, a phone interview between Sanchez and Dread Central unearthed this information:
The film seems inevitable to me, but really it’s just a matter of it being the right time. I’m thinking it’s going to happen sooner than later at this point, but I always say that. There’s always rumblings and certain ideas being pushed around and such. While I don’t have anything firm to talk about now, it wouldn’t surprise me if something happened within the next year or two.

This is pretty much what Sanchez said earlier last year, except this time they’ve made some headway. He told back then that the ball was in Lionsgate’s court, since the studio owns the franchise. Sanchez and his co-director Daniel Myrick have been talking about getting Blair Witch 3 made for a while. And by "a while," we mean four-to-five years by Sanchez’s own admission.

Aside from the studio dragging its feet, though, another issue arose as to the plot of the third installment. While the first film saw a group of young film students searching for information about the famed murderer of a small town, the second followed a different group fixated on the story of their Blair Witch Project. Though Sanchez said he liked the second film, he also noted that Book of Shadows created a different world out of the first film. As he described to Bloody Disgusting back in 2011, it would be like if "the sequel to Jaws started with shots of people lined up to see Jaws in the movie theater." The biggest issue for him was that it was called Blair Witch 2, though it wasn't a direct sequel to what happened in the original. For Blair Witch 3, he wants to head back to the mythology of Burkittsville and possession.

Book of Shadows didn't debut to the best critical reviews -- in fact, they were pretty bad -- but Sanchez is pretty confident we'll be returning for another go with the Blair Witch very soon. Are you interested?
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