The Blair Witch Mythology
"In October of 1994, three student filmmakers disappeared in the woods near Burkittsville, Maryland while shooting a documentary."

"A year later their footage was found."

Prior to heading out to on their journey to document the mystery of The Blair Witch, we see Heather Donahue, Mike Williams, and Josh Leonard gathering up their equipment and gear. Heather packs her "essential readings" -- How to Stay Alive in the Woods, and another book that she says explains the events of Coffin Rock. It isn't long before the trio hits the town of Burkittsville, MD, (formerly Blair) where they shoot their first scene in the town's cemetery up on the hill. Founded in 1824, Heather explains how an "unusually high number of children are laid to rest there."

Soon after, the trio begins interviewing a number of the Burkittsville townsfolk about the legend of The Blair Witch. The summaries of those interviews are as follows: The Blair Witch is mostly looked at as a legend or a ghost used for the purposes of scaring children to get them to go to bed early. One man ties in the story of the old hermit named Mr. Rustin Parr, who lived all alone up on the mountain in the 1940s. One day, Mr. Parr came down into town saying, "Okay, I'm finished," at which point the police went up and searched his property, uncovering the bodies of seven boys who had earlier gone missing in the area. The story goes that Mr. Parr would take the boys down into his basement in pairs of two, telling one to face the corner while he killed the other, then subsequently killing the second child. In court, Parr said he couldn't take the eyes on him, which is why he'd make them face the corner. There is also another story about two hunters, who were camping out by the old cabin The Blair Witch used to haunt. They disappeared off the face of the earth.

Upon visiting Mary Brown (recommended by a prior interviewee), the three filmmakers listen to her story about a supposed encounter she had with the Blair Witch while out fishing in the woods. She explains how The Blair Witch gave off an eerie feeling and had a body covered in black fur, which she concealed with a wool shawl. They, along with the townsfolk, chalk her up as crazy.

The next morning the trio meet two locals fishing in the creek. The men share a story about Robin Weaver, who wandered off into the woods in the 1840s, only to reappear three days later talking of a woman who's feet never touched the ground. One of the fishermen further says he saw a white mist nearby, but couldn't explain how it related to the events that took place at Coffin Rock. The three filmmakers soon arrive at Coffin Rock, where Heather reads a passage explaining the horrific events that took place at the location. History says five men were found bound to one another, their torsos cut open with the intestines ripped out and the flesh of their faces inscribed with indecipherable etching. When the people returned with law enforcement a short while later, the bodies were removed "by persons unknown."

The three-piece filmmaking team experiences many strange occurrences over the course of their nights in the woods. Among the creepy things encountered are middle-of-the-night cackling surrounding their tent, and seven spooky rock piles, presumably for each of Mr. Parr's child victims... one of which Josh accidentally kicks over. One morning, the trio wakes up to find three piles of rocks (that weren't there when they crashed the night before) surrounding their tent, likely marking them as targets. They also later encounter tons of stick figures tied in trees. Lastly, they have their campsite destroyed... specifically Josh's stuff, which gets covered in a disgusting slimy substance.

After five nights of horror in the woods, Josh disappears without a trace, and can only be heard at night screaming for help. The next morning, a bundle of sticks tied with pieces of Josh's flannel shirt appears outside their tent. Upon closer inspection, the shirt is covered in blood and inside it they find unidentifiable items, of which fan speculation has called teeth, hair, a finger, a tongue, bone and/or Josh's necklace.

In Summary:
-1840s: Robin Weaver disappears into the woods. Returns speaking of "a woman who's feet never touched the ground."
-Then we have the five men murdered at Coffin Rock, bound to one another, their intestines removed and their faces etched with unreadable writing. The bodies later disappear.
-1940s: Mr. Rustin Parr confesses to killing several missing, area children. Seven dead boys' bodies are found on his property and he subsequently admits in court how he murdered them in pairs, one facing the corner while he killed the other one.
-Then we have first-person accounts from Mary Brown, who saw the fur-covered witch while fishing in the woods, as well as the fishermen who saw the strange mist over the creek.
-Finally the trio of filmmakers ventures into the woods and has the host of scary encounters.

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