Why couldn’t you have just put the bunny back in the box? Huh? Huh, Billy Bedlam, you redneck douche bag? On this week’s Blendcast, the wonders of Con Air are discussed, Trevor gets all hot and bothered about an unlikely character in Old School and Brian tells ya’ll why he’d rather cast Jason Lee than Harry Shearer. And Mack? Well, he’s off recycling his sandals or some shit. That’s code for talking more about Con Air.

As for movies currently in theaters, (500) Days Of Summer is gushed over, Funny People is puzzled over, and The Collector is contrasted (over) with Clue and Saw. There’s also a lot of good Watchmen director’s cut gossip and one of the hosts makes a crack about In Living Color being a dark horse.

Warning!: The Blendcast contains language not fit for all listeners. If you have ever written a letter to the F.C.C., yelled at someone for using offensive language in front of your children or not done something because your conscience told you it was a bad idea, it’s probably a better call you just cover your ears and run for the hills.

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