Thirteen episodes in, and we can’t go one goddamn show without mentioning Mean Girls. It’s the bane of our existence here at the Blendcast, though if you’d have to point fingers, they’d best go toward Mack. Brain took some time off from his nationwide tailgate tour this week to check in with the show. Apparently, his pimped out Madden Express is not the same as the Rock Of Love Bus. Probably good for his life expectancy.

On this episode of the Blendcast, Trevor admits he buys DVDs he’s never seen before, Brain admits he’d have sex with any female celebrity in the world, and Mack tears Aaron Eckhart and his inside-the-box-acting-choices a new asshole. Roll out the red carpet and hit the record button, it’s the thirteenth week for the Blendcast, and, yes, that’s a diamond anniversary you cheap bastard. Or at least an NFL Sunday Ticket anniversary.

Warning!: This week’s Blendcast funks of moral degradation, emitting a balm of bubonic blasphemy like a loose woman or middle-aged charlatan. It would speak wonders of your own character if you publicly disowned your association with this lurid, warty member of the media. Yes, member in that context means penis. Hey-0!

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