We’re trying something exciting, fresh, and just a little bit sexy here at Cinema Blend. Welcome to the first ever episode of Blendcast, our new weekly podcast which may not be suitable for anyone. It’s a little different from what you may have heard on the site before, so jump in and let us know what you think. Want more? You can e-mail us any time blendcast(AT)cinemablend(DOT)com.

The Blendcast is our weekly discussion of what’s happening right now in entertainment. In our maiden voyage Trevor Clippert, Brian Carraher, and Mack Rawden discuss what every man, woman, and child has on their minds...Transformers and dead celebrities! We tackle the most recent movie news and Box Office summer slams as well the shocking events of the past week. Hackers is obsessed over, Penn Jillette is stalked, and we get listener mail even though we don’t have any listeners. We’re just that good.

Warning! This podcast contains explicit content, salty language, and all the good stuff that the FCC considers unsuitable for anyone. Except you of course.

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