Haven’t seen Surrogates yet? Well, according to Brain, you should just think about the premise and mentally imagine how the movie would play out. Don’t have any deaf friends? Listen to Trevor’s astoundingly un-P.C. impression instead. How about practical advice on what to do if you lose pot and the maid is coming to clean? Mack faced a similar situation on Sunday night. Yeah, we’re like a fucking self-help book here at the Blendcast, and to top it all off, James from FilmRot stops by to hate on Community and give a surprisingly good opinion of G-Force.

This week’s episode has plenty of TV talk, an advance review of Zombieland and way too much talk about novelty buttons. Apparently, Mandy Moore is going to play Rapunzel, and Trevor’s going to hope his dad was too drunk to remember when he promised they’d see Surrogates together. Fire up the kiln and let that pottery set; your next hour and ten minutes is planned.

Warning!: Blendcast contains the unborn child of Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian. It’s gigantic, wealthy and of obscure racial origins. Also, it swears when it misses free throws. A lot. Please tell your doctor if your family has a history of heart disease. Or pushy overparenting. We can’t have that.

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