Who is the most desirable: Marcia Brady, Topanga Lawrence or Hermione Granger? Could Orlando Bloom take out a Roadhouse era Patrick Swayze if he had a loaded musket and four throwing stars? And what’s the deal with I Love You Beth Cooper failing? Was it destiny or the shitness of Heroes? We get to all of these burning questions on this week’s Blendcast, as well as discuss legalizing marijuana, debate the pros and cons to wedding Zelda Fitzgerald and explain why Vincent Gallo movies are like Radiohead.

Naturally there’s some Bruno talk, some Harry Potter obsessing and some inappropriate death jokes. It just wouldn’t be the Blendcast without laughs the faint of heart would call too soon. Click the icon below to have a listen or better yet, subscribe on iTunes with that fancy web 2.0 link.

Warning!: This week’s episode contains course language, impure thoughts and offensive musings. If you’re the type of person to get all pissy about that sort of thing, abort now or forever hold your peace.

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