Last week’s layaway is over; someone finally paid enough money to move Blendcast out of the backroom and into the parlors, sunrooms and conservatories of Greater America. So, steal Jesse’s Girl, motor along with Sister Christian and do the Stray Cut Strut; this week’s episode is in no way 80s related, but feel free to wear your spandex workout apparel while you’re listening. We won’t judge.

You hear they spent 500 million on Avatar? Or that they’re talking about finally going through with Jurassic Park IV? We know things here on the Blendcast, things you can find out through cursory perusal of the internet. But beyond that, we’ve got some opinions, opinions we feel the need to share. Like Community’s Abed and how he’s quickly becoming one of the twenty greatest characters on television or Adam Carolla and how his podcast is the only one better than ours. Chuck, fuck, marry: Cinderella Man, The Hammer, Rocky IV. Trevor has the right answer for you, Blendcast supporters, and if you click the subscribe button below, you’ll never miss one of his right answers again.

Warning!: this week’s Blendcast is less offensive than usual. If you only listen for the anarchistic opinions or fuck bombs, you’ll still be pleased but maybe a little less so than usual. For this only R-Rated and not necessarily NC-17-rated heresy, we sincerely apologize. We’ll do our best to tell as many children there’s no such thing as the perfect family next week.

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