Last month Blue Valentine screened at Cannes to as warm a reception as it got at Sundance earlier this year, which means it is all set to take Oscar season by storm when it shows up in theaters at the very end of this year. The romantic drama has earned tons of praise for the central performances by Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams, who play a married couple both in the middle of their troubled union and in flashbacks to the earlier, happier days of their relationship. I have my issues with the film but don't deny the immense power of their performances-- the Weinstein Company is clearly positioning the film to earn Oscar nominations for both of them, which they deserve.

Two new clips from the film have emerged online (via The Playlist), and you can watch them both below to get a taste of the film's happier moments. As you can tell this isn't your typical romance that happens in a whirlwind with giddiness and flowers-- even in the happiest scenes, the move is gritty and honest in a way most aren't. Take a look below and try to forget the excruciating wait for this movie to actually show up in theaters.

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