Last night I finally caught up with Blue Valentine, the drama that has made nearly everyone I know here cry, but actually wound up leaving me cold with its depiction of a decaying marriage between Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling. The reasons it didn't work for me are pretty difficult to explain without writing a full review (Michael Gottwald wrote one for us here), so I'll let you decide how you feel about it. And now you actually can!

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that the Weinstein Company has picked up Blue Valentine in a "low seven figures deal." Apparently the Weinsteins believe they can launch an Oscar campaign for Michelle Williams' performance, which is a dead-on strategy-- she's amazing in the film, overcoming a weakly drawn character to put in the kind of heartbreaking performance she stunned us with in Brokeback Mountain.

I'm not sure why Gosling isn't mentioned for Oscar potential as well, since he's just as good as she is, but I guess those details will emerge later. For now count on seeing Blue Valentine sometime later in the year as a lower budget alternative to Oscar fare. That is, provided the Weinsteins can come up with the money to get it out there.

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