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Bob Hoskins is one of the many talented stars of this fall's Made in Dagenham, which has gotten disappointingly little Oscar buzz given its stellar cast and generally heartwarming story. Hoskins plays an auto plant manager who helps the women there go on strike, but he's apparently not done telling stories about labor issues. According to THR he'll play a role in Weighed In: The Story of the Mumper, centered around the 1980s strike by British newspaper workers.

No, I have no idea what a mumper is, though it seems fair to assume there's some British slang involved in creating that word. Joining Hoskins will be Jenny Agutter and Emily Atack, with Calum McNab, Adam Deacon, Vincent Regan, Terry Stone and Perry Benson all on board already for director Sacha Bennett. Yes, this may be the most obscurely British story in the world to tell, but i would have said the same thing about Made in Dagenham, and that movie translated perfectly well to American audiences. With Hoskins involved, I dare not underestimate.

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