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It’s a shame, but probably still true, that most people still know Bobcat Goldthwait best as that comedian from the 80s with the funny voice, or maybe as that little guy who was in Hot to Trot. But quietly, while nobody was looking, Bobcat has actually turned himself into a legitimate Hollywood director. His 2009 movie World’s Greatest Dad starred longtime friend Robin Williams, and received a surprising amount of critical acclaim, especially for a movie about a dad dealing with his son’s death by auto erotic asphyxiation. Now he’s on to his next edgy, offensive, possibly really good project.

He’s talked before about several different ideas which he wanted to turn into features, but it sounds like this one, a movie called God Bless America, is the one that’s getting funding. It’s backed by Richard Kelly’s Darko Pictures and in an appearance on the Adam Carolla Show last week Bobcat detailed the movie’s plot. Have you seen MTV’s My Super Sweet 16, that show about incredibly rich, spoiled brats whining because their daddy got them the wrong color Escalade? Now think of what you’d like to do to those kids. God Bless America is about that.

Bobcat explains, “There’s this middle aged guy and he’s at home watching a show like My Super Sweet 16.” Like any sane person forced to watch this televised horror, this middle aged guy apparently didn’t like what he saw because after watching Bobcat says that he then, “drives 400 miles and kills that girl.”

Eventually people find out, and don’t really seem to mind. Goldthwait says, “and then a classmate asks him ‘did you kill Chloe?’ and he doesn’t say anything and she goes ‘awesome’. So then they get in this stolen Camaro and drive around and kill people.”