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Just yesterday there was a report that came out saying that Netflix had been forced to pull The Bodyguard from their streaming service because the studio in charge of the film's home video distribution wanted to boost DVD sales following the death of star Whitney Houston. While it sounded like something a major studio would do - in that same article I cited the theatrical release of This Is It following Michael Jackson's passing, I did question the story because I didn't recognize the source and it seemed a bit weird to me that Netflix would admit that the film was pulled to take advantage of a celebrities death. It turns out that I was right to throw a question mark on the end of my headline.

Journalist Dan McDermott, the same man who first reported yesterday's news, has printed a retraction and is now saying that the removal of The Bodyguard from Netflix Instant has nothing to do with the death of Whitney Houston. While McDermott's quotes from the Netflix representative and administrators were accurate, those employees were apparently misinformed. According to the new post, the rights to the film were lost at the end of last year and when McDermott looked through cached pages on Google he discovered that The Bodyguard has been unavailable to stream since January 1st. Said McDermott, "I wish I had thought to do this before the post. It just honestly didn't occur to me."

It did seem weird that the movie would be taken off of Netflix and still be available to be streamed on Amazon, so the real version of this story really does make a lot more sense. It also happens to be an instance in which Hollywood is shown to be not as evil as its often portrayed, so that's something to celebrate!

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