This weekend Universal's genre arm Rogue Pictures is releasing A Perfect Getaway, a film that was dropped by MGM because, presumably, they couldn't figure out a way for it to make money (read my review for more thoughts on that particular issue). But it turns out, there are some films even Rogue won't release! Alcon Entertainment has picked up the script Lottery Ticket, which Rogue put in turnaround, and will turn it into an "urban comedy" starring Bo Wow and Ice Cube.

You can pretty much see where this one is going-- a young man living in the projects (Bow Wow) wins a lottery ticket for $350 million and must spend a three-day weekend hiding it from his opportunistic neighbors. Variety isn't saying which role Ice Cube will play, but presumably he'll either be the main evil neighbor, or the one guy saving Bow Wow from the angry mobs.

Bow Wow's last acting gig was as some character named Twinkie in The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, so it's hard to know how his acting skills have developed as he's gotten older. Then again, this is probably the kind of movie that merely calls for decent comedic timing and a willingness to be embarrassed. Ice Cube is the master-- perhaps he can teach Bow Wow a thing or two?

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