Just about anyone with any sense would love to see a sequel to The Incredibles. Since it’s Pixar, odds are that it’d be good too After all, most think Toy Story 2 is even better than the original. Except of course it wouldn’t be done by Pixar. That’s the trouble, Disney now owns the characters and Pixar is no longer working with Disney. That means getting the same people involved to make a sequel is a virtual impossibility. Of course that doesn’t mean a sequel won’t be made. Where there’s money to be had, Disney’s ready to make movies, only in this case the movie probably wouldn’t be any good.

That hasn’t stopped anyone from asking about an Incredibles 2 though, and this week Ain’t It Cool New’s Quint (who seems to be the only person actually working over there these days) had the chance to quiz Incredibles director Brad Bird. When asked about Incredibles 2, he had this to say: “I think the key there is having an idea that goes somewhere new. I don't think you just want to recap what you've done. I think the other thing is that you have to feel confident that you have the original creative team. All my favorite sequels were done by the people who did the original, for the most part, where the lion's share of the people who do it, like 90% of the crew is the crew of the one that you like. And at every instance they felt they could match or better... at least they were attempting, you know what I mean? They felt confident going in that they could top or match the one that everyone liked.”

No commitment one way or the other from the man. Would he want to do it? Is it even possible? Unknown. But he does seem to know what it’ll take to make a second movie work. Now if only someone can find a way to let him make that happen. To read the full AICN article, click here.

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