Jay Leno isn’t the only Hollywood celebrity with a hanger full of cars. Los Angeles is full of closet gear heads and, they’re lining up to do 20th Century Fox’s new racing movie, Go Like Hell.

The film is based on recently optioned book called “Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans”. Set in the 1960s, the book is the true story of the Ford motor company’s attempt to beat the exotic Euro auto manufacturers at their own game by hiring a crack team to beat them in European racing. It’s the 60s by the way which manes safety took a back seat to speed and race car drivers were as much daredevils as they were professionals. Blowing up halfway down the track wasn’t out of the question.

What’s most interesting about this project are the number of big names who may be involved. Producer Lucas Foster appeared this week on the Adam Carolla Podcast and talked endlessly about his plans for the film, including who might star in it. Lucas says, “I have a lot of interest from big actors. It would shock you the telephone calls that have come in from people.” In particular Foster says, “There’s a lot of conversation with my good friend, Brad Pitt.” He further confirmed that they’ve spoken to Josh Brolin while mentioning that he’s also interested in Russell Crowe, Matt Damon (for the role of Phil Hill), Eric Bana, and Daniel Day-Lewis.

There’s no shortage of major parts here. Iconic figures like Henry Ford II, Enzo Ferrari, Lee Iacocca, and Carroll Shelby all figure prominently in both the book and the planned film.

Whoever they cast it sounds as though Go Like Hell is, well, going like hell. Foster says, “We have a really cool writer and we’re in the middle of hiring a director.” That director had better have a need for speed because he’s determined to make the film “from the driver’s perspective” and create something that delivers the experience of really risking life and limb to go 200 mph through the screen to the audience. Lucas Foster wants you to feel the wind in your hair.

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