In 1925, British soldier/spy Percy Fawcett became so obsessed with finding an advanced civilization he thought existed in the Amazon that he left behind civilization and set out into the jungle, never to be heard from again. Sounds like a pretty good story, doesn’t it? It’s true, although I have no doubt there will be some dramatic license used as Fawcett’s story becomes a movie starring Brad Pitt and directed by We Own the Night director James Gray.

Variety announced that Paramount is moving forward with a movie adaptation of The Lost City of Z, a non-fiction book due out in April about Fawcett’s story written by David Grann.

Gray sounds excited about directing the film, which he admits is a departure from what he’s done before. ”It is a story that will be told with an epic scale, with a main character who is larger than life.” I have to admit a small amount of excitement at hearing Pitt cast in that larger than life role. The actor is always a pleasure to watch, although I usually like his quirkier roles like 12 Monkeys and Burn After Reading. Still, Fawcett sounds quirky enough to give Pitt something interesting to work with.

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