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Michael Lewis writes intricately detailed books that combine sports, economics and other theoretical stuff, and yet for some reason everyone thinks they're perfect fodder for movies. In one notable case they were-- The Blind Side was a massive feelgood hit-- but the adaptation of one of Lewis's most popular books, Moneyball, has gone through an endless circus of delays and director changes. Moneyball is finally set to start shooting this summer, with Brad Pitt still attached to star, and Pitt is so committed he's also moving forward on adapting another Lewis book.

We heard back in February that Pitt and his Plan B production company were working to adapt The Big Short, Lewis's latest book about the Wall Street financial crisis. Now Vulture has the scoop again, reporting that Paramount and Plan B are about to hire Charles Randolph (The Interpreter, the upcoming Love and Other Drugs) to adapt the book. There's no talk of when production might begin, but presumably they'd like to have the movie out while the financial crisis is fresh in peoples' minds, especially since all that explanation of credit default swaps and mortgage-backed securities won't stick in our minds forever. If we ever understood them at all, of course.

I'm entirely skeptical that anyone will watch a movie about the Wall Street financiers who ruined our economy, even if it makes them out to be the villains that they are, but no one ever got rich underestimating Michael Lewis so far. I'll put my faith in Pitt for now.

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