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The credited writers for Tron: Legacy were Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, two Lost veterans who probably got a lot of hell for what many perceived as an incoherent, utterly shoddy screenplay. But the script for a project as big as that inevitably passes through a lot of hands, and two of them were Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal, given story credit and quite possibly not to blame for all the many things that went wrong on Tron.

For their next effort, at least, they get to move on to something a little more personal and with a lot more control. According to Variety the duo is now set to direct their own script The Words, a drama about plagiarism that will star Bradley Cooper and Jeremy Irons. The project is being sold at the European Film market this weekend, where any number of high-profile in-development efforts will also be on the market. Given that The Words will be the directorial debut for Klugman and Sternthal it might be a slightly tough sell, but Cooper and Irons are no slouches when it comes to drawing in eyeballs. And provided the two writers aren't forced to butcher their own, it's almost guaranteed to turn out better-- and definitely less expensive-- than Tron: Legacy. Things are already looking up!