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Last summer, with Clash of the Titans still a fairly fresh hit and the Conan the Barbarian remake already in production, Millennium Films was getting ready to tackle that other sword-and-sandals hero Hercules, and had gotten Brett Ratner interested in directing it. For whatever reason Ratner then moved on to direct The Tower Heist, but now that he's finished he's circled back to Hercules after all. According to Vulture Ratner is considering another take on the character at MGM, based on the comic book Hercules: The Thracian Wars.

Back in the bygone days of 2008, Peter Berg was planning to shepherd an adaptation of this very comic with Universal and Spyglass Entertainment. Since then Spyglass has taken over as co-chair of MGM, which they've essentially helped resurrect from the dead, so it makes sense for the project to switch studios. A Variety report from back in February, which the studio later disputed, listed the Hercules film among several others that the studio was considering, and said that Berg and Film 44 were still on board as producers. Obviously the prediction of the Hercules film has come true, but it's unclear how involved Berg may be.

But let's get back to the real issue here-- Brett Ratner wants to make a Hercules movie, based on a comic book, and Kevin Sorbo does not seem to have received a phone call. Who's heartbroken about this? Who wishes Brett Ratner would just settle down with his millions and leave us all alone? The guy hasn't released a feature since 2007's Rush Hour 3, so can't we all be optimistic and assume he's gotten more talented in the intervening years? OK, I'll let you laugh about that notion in the comments.

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