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Based on everything that's happened so far in the project's development, the feature length 24 movie sounds like a myth in the same vein as Ghostbusters 3, the Arrested Development movie, and Terry Gilliam's adaptation of Don Quixote. But just like those other projects, 24 has a big enough fanbase that producers are always going to try and keep hope in the project alive. Hence this story.

24 Spoilers recently caught a Tweet by super-producer Brian Grazer responding to a fan looking for information about the movie version of the popular television series. In his response, Grazer said that he recently spoke with star Kiefer Sutherland and the plan is to make the movie ready to be released next year. Last we heard about the project, Sutherland was saying that they hope to start production in January 2012 with Tony Scott in the director's chair. The film hit a major snag last year when the script written by Billy Ray was rejected.

While Grazer may be confident that a 24 movie could be be ready for 2012, I have my doubts. If done right, this project should be a big budget affair and considering all of the work that needs to be done still, I'm not sure it's feasible. Stick with the original plan and start production when it's time to start production - nobody wants a rushed 24 movie.

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