Wendi McLendon-Covey was the funniest part of a lot of Bridesmaids scenes you never saw. When Universal released a three-minute gag reel of alternate takes from some of the film's funniest scenes, McLendon-Covey--who played the blonde, repressed, foul-mouthed housewife suffering at home with three sons-- had so many of the best one-liners you couldn't believe director Paul Feig managed to cut them out. Even though her character and Ellie Kemper's kind of disappeared toward the end of the movie, both were key elements of the amazing group of women at the center of the movie, and both are probably going to boost their careers as a result of it.

I'm not entirely sure that's what's happening by taking a supporting role in What To Expect When You're Expecting, as THR has reported McLendon-Covey will be doing, but at least means we'll have more of her hilarity to look forward to. It's unfortunate, though, that she'll be playing off Jennifer Lopez's anti-charisma, playing the co-worker and friend to Lopez's character, a woman who winds up adopting a baby from overseas after she has trouble conceiving. Then again, McLendon-Covey is really great at throwing in single lines that completely change the focus of a scene-- she's playing the rom-com best friend, sure, but you know she's going to be dynamite at it.

THR also writes that McLendon-Covey is making a deal to star in the indie Sleeping Around, playing an uptight children's book author who will presumably loosen up a little bit, since this is a comedy about couples in open relationships. She's also got a gig as a spokeswoman for Hillshire Farms, and while I know that doesn't sound that exciting, you ought to check out the ad below. It's actually a funny ad for sausage. This woman has superpowers!

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