Last week every actor in the world wanted to be Brit Marling. With Another Earth out in limited release, the indie breakout star was fielding offers from incredible names like Tom Cruise, Steven Soderbergh and Robert Redford. The Mission: Impossible star wanted her to star with him in the Christopher McQuarrie-directed One Shot and Soderbergh had a role for her in Magic Mike, the Channing Tatum/Alex Pettyfer stripper movie, but now it looks like the Sundance founder has won her attention.

Variety reports that Marling is now in negotiations to work alongside Redford and Shia LaBeouf in The Company You Keep, Redford's next directorial effort. First announced in July, LaBeouf will play a journalist who discovers a former Weather Underground member (Redford) that has been living in hiding from the FBI for 30 years. Wanting to make a name for himself, the journalist stays in hot pursuit of the the leftist radical as he goes on the run. While the story doesn't have any details about the character, it does confirm that she would play he female lead. Described as a "political thriller," the movie is based on the book by Neil Gordon and the adaptation was written by Lem Dobbs. The film is scheduled to go into production this September.

While I imagine that this means that Marling won't be able to take the role in One Shot - that film is also scheduled to begin shooting in the fall - I'm curious if Magic Mike is off the table. Between Soderbergh promoting both Contagion and Haywire in the next few months and the fact that he's yet to set his schedule, it's entirely possible that Marling could do both projects. There are few better ways to raise your own stock than by working with Robert Redford and Steven Soderbergh over a 12-month stretch.

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