I can’t imagine how you would not have fun being in a movie like this.

It wasn’t fun.

No fun?

Make no mistake. Evil Dead movies are not fun at all.


Creatively they’re a blast and that allows you to survive the drudgery because working with Sam to me is like this, it can be very spiritual working with Sam. You realize this is why you became an actor...that relationship of a guy who knows what he’s doing and he’s getting shit out of you that you didn’t think you were going to have to bring that day. And you go home going, “This is why I became an actor,” even though it was a nightmare. So, this is all going to be the same.

Does that kind of add something to the casting sessions, like “These are the people who I’m going to torture for the next however many months”?

Well yeah, we see how much makeup they’ve had in the past. Can they handle it? I have a great picture of Jane. It was her first, she was going in the soup for the first time and she was getting her first mold and they sent a picture of her and she had a tube top on covering her, her shoulders were bare and a bald cap thing and they were pouring the alginate over her head for the first one and her look was this. She was going... [ squints and pulls mouth to the side] It was very dubious, so the three of us, me, Sam, and Rob [Tappert], we passed that photo around and said, “She’s in the soup. She’s in the soup. It has begun,” and so thankfully, we pushed every actor to the edge and there’s no question about it. But we warned them!

I do have to ask about the future, because Sam Raimi was quoted recently saying that there was a potential for Evil Dead 4. Fede...

[starts flapping hand like a mouth]

Just talk?

Where’s the script? Show me the script, Sam!

He said he’s working on it this summer!

Okay, Oz. Let’s see it, Oz the great and powerful [laughs].

If it does come together would be up for coming back as Ash?

Your question is hypothetical! I can’t answer because I don’t have the script. There’s nothing to react to.

Well, with your connection to both projects, how could both film’s co-exist?

They co-exist beautifully! Sam instructed us, “Don’t screw up my ability to make another movie with Ash.” So there’s no Ash character, there’s no Bruce, there’s no cameo.

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