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During their time in Hollywood screenwriters Christopher Wilkinson and Stephen Rivele have made themselves very comfortable with the biopic genre. In 2005 the duo teamed up to make Oliver Stone's Nixon and six years later reunited to write Michael Mann's Ali. So where do you go after writing about the most notorious president in United States history and one of the greatest boxers to ever live? How about a project about the legendary Bruce Lee?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wilkinson and Rivele have been tapped by QED International and Groundswell Productions to script Birth of the Dragon, a partially fictionalized "origin story" about the world's most famous kung fu star. Rather than encompassing Lee's entire life, the project will instead focus on the duel he once had with Wong Jack Man, a fighter was was considered "China’s most famous kung fu master." Rather than keeping everything as factual as possible, the two writers will instead events as a jumping off point to script a story about how the two men teamed up to take down the Hong Kong Triad gangsters that had control over San Francisco's Chinatown in the mid-60s. The project doesn't have a director yet.

Wilkinson and Rivele also recently teamed up for Mercury, the in-development biopic about Queen singer Freddie Mercury. Sacha Baron Cohen is still set to play the singer in the film, though the trade doesn't mention if director Stephen Frears is still attached to helm. According to reports from last fall, that project will go before cameras in the spring.