The Jackal in The Jackal
The Jackal might not be the best movie Willis has ever made, but I still love the idea of casting him as a villainous killing machine who speaks multiple languages and is a master of disguise. That meticulous planning, coupled with all of the crazy, high tech weaponry he has to work with, make him a pretty formidable force and a good opponent to go up against another assassin and high end members of the FBI since him one-on-one against anyone would be unfair.

It’s also hard to completely discard a film that allows Willis to blow Jack Black’s arm off with a weapon his foe actually made in a Most Dangerous Game-esque scene involving a head start and a pack of cigarettes. I’d actually like to see the action star use his opponents as target practice more often. There’s just something brutal and fitting about it.

Lt. Muldoon in Planet Terror
Everything about Planet Terror is deliciously over the top. From Rose McGowan’s machine gun leg to Bruce Willis’ mutating Lieutenant Muldoon, it always prefers excess over subtlety, and while the merits of that as a filmmaking technique can be argued, it certainly pays off here in the form of one badass, ludicrous claim by Muldoon. Apparently, he killed Osama Bin Laden. Contrary to what Zero Dark Thirty may tell you, the real story involves Muldoon and his men wandering around the Afghani border when the Lieutenant found the enemy, looked him right in the eyes and put “two in his heart and one in his computer”.

Add that baller backstory to the whole crazy infected angle, and there’s really no stopping Willis here. He’s a highly decorated sociopath with nothing to lose and all kinds of heinous gas flowing through his veins. Even on this list of terrifying characters, he’d be among the last I’d mess with.

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