Detective John Hartigan in Sin City
Willis has played plenty of more imposing men on the Big Screen, but never has he played one quite as cagey and selfless as Detective Hartigan. On two separate occasions, he trades or tries to trade his life for Nancy’s, and on two separate occasions, he’s willing to piss off a Senator and his fellow members of the police force in order to do what’s right. There are few things more terrifying than squaring off against a man who isn’t concerned about death.

Unfortunately for Roark Junior, one of those more terrifying things is a man who doesn’t think twice about shooting a dude in the balls to prove a point. I’m not saying Roark Junior doesn’t deserve what he gets, but even an overwhelming majority of rogue cops wouldn’t consider firing bullets into a man’s groin.

David Dunn in Unbreakable
There’s something about giving a Willis character superhuman strength that’s almost unfair, but that’s exactly what security guard David Dunn gets in Unbreakable. He survives car accidents, train accidents and rips doors right off their hinges like an ordinary man might pick up a small end table. Had Audrey not been so bothered by it, he could have been one of the coolest, most durable players in the history of the NFL, but as it stands, he’s a pretty damn good vigilante too.

Provided he stays away from water, he’s basically unstoppable, though he’s beset a bit by the fact that he doesn’t really enjoy conflict as much as many of the other characters on this list who love nothing more than beating men to death. Still, he’s not exactly the type of person you’d like to stare down.

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