Lieutenant A.K. Waters in Tears Of The Sun
Forget criminals. Sometimes nothing is scarier than a man hellbent on doing what is right for motives far greater than himself. At the beginning of Tears Of The Sun, Willis’ Lieutenant A.K. Waters has no problem leaving all of the refugees in Dr. Kendricks’ care to fend for themselves, but after he sees the actual carnage following their mass murders, the guilt and anger start building up inside him to the point where he decides to do something about. Given he has a team of Navy Seals at his disposal, he has the power to respond pretty much however the hell he wants too.

Ordinarily, Willis is a bit of a messy gunman/ vigilante in his movies. He breaks the rules and goes about killing in unconventional ways. As a soldier here, he’s far more ordered and disciplined, which is a nice change-up and in the long run, more effective anyway.

Mr. Goodkat in Lucky Number Slevin
Mr. Goodkat might technically be a hitman with a conscience, but his capacity to sympathize doesn’t exactly extend very far past innocent children caught up in bad situations. Beyond Slevin, he’s not exactly interested in sparing many lives, and he’ll gladly put himself in harm’s way to work both sides of the aisle if it means he can up the bodycount in the long run. Plus, considering he was the one who raised Slevin, his bloodlust is basically a product of his bad parenting too. He could have always worked on counseling him to get over it and move on with his life.

Plus, it takes a special brand of crazy to want to knock off Lucy Liu over some pictures. Of course she doesn’t die, but the mere idea itself shows you how indifferent Goodkat is to human life. He’d kill thousands if it meant a clean getaway without strings attached.

Which terrifying Bruce Willis character is your favorite?

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