After the success of the first one, Expendables 2 now seems pretty likely. That means at least one more weekend for men, still to come, before we all surrender ourselves to skinny jeans and Michael Cera. Well, probably not Michael Cera, not after Scott Pilgrim’s box office problems.

So Expendables 2 is coming and since the first movie was, in large part, all about cramming as many action heroes into one movie as possible, for the sequel they’ll have to cram even more in. Cinema Blend readers have already been enthusiastically nominating who they’d like to see added to the sequel here and I think it’s safe to say Seagal and Van Damme are the top vote getters. But it’ll be awhile before we know which new action heroes Stallone might be able to add to the follow up. In the meantime, what about doing more with the heroes he already has?

Both Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger were in The Expendables, but only barely. They need bigger roles in the sequel and it sounds like, where Willis is concerned at least, that may be exactly what Stallone has in mind. Sly took to Twitter today where he revealed, “Had dinner with Bruce Willis last night. I want him in EXPENDABLES II as a super villain. What do you think?” I think that may be one of the best ideas anyone has had this week Sly. I do indeed. What do you think, Cinema Blend reader?

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