Provided it's done right, unlike Live Free or Die Hard, a fifth Die Hard movie could have some potential. If they were to simply bring back the violence, the swearing and the hair on Bruce Willis' head, it could finally establish the pattern that the odd number movies are superior to the even numbered ones. Hell, even recent rumors have suggested that the film's villain may be a member of the Gruber family. Let's hope Bruce feels the same way, because he's apparently the one in charge of finding the next director.

Vulture is reporting that Bruce Willis has begun interviewing candidates to direct the still untitled Die Hard 5, with Swedish director Daniel Espinosa at the top of the list. Espinosa has received recent acclaim for his film Snabba Cash and begins production on his first English-language film, Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds, next week. Sadly, it's not all peaches and cream right now for the project. According to the site, 20th Century Fox is not a fan of the recent draft of the script written by Skip Woods, who Fox previously hired to X-Men Origins: Wolverine and The A-Team (is this meant to be shocking news then?). As a result, the script is going back to the drawing board, meaning that the film may be further off than originally planned.

In other Bruce Willis news, the article reports that the actor has also begun negotiations to star in Stephen Frear's Lay The Favorite, Take The Dog, as was rumored back in November. Written by High Fidelity scribe D.V. DeVincentis and based on the book by Beth Raymer, the movie is about a woman who becomes involved with a group of middle-aged math geeks who try and rig the sportsbook system in Vegas.

At this point all we can really hope for is that Bruce Willis has his head in the right place and priorities in order to make the right decisions when it comes to John McClane.

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