It seems like we’ve been talking about the A-Team movie for years now (and in some ways we have), and yet the thing still doesn’t seem to have a cast. We do know who won’t be in it though: Anyone who was in the original cast. The surviving members of the real A-Team have all nixed the idea of doing cameos and director John Singleton doesn’t seem to be willing to use them for anything more than that.

Now though LatinoReview says they may know who Singleton is looking at to play Hannibal. On the original show, the character of Col. John “Hannibal” Smith, de facto leader of the group, was played by the late, great, George Peppard. For the movie, their rumor is that Singleton may be courting Bruce Willis.

No way to know if this is true, for now it’s just a wild rumor, but as an aging A-Team fan I love it. I’m not exactly high on the idea of an A-Team movie with replacement actors, but if they have to make it, then I can’t imagine anyone more perfect for the part of cigar-chewing Hannibal than cigar-chewing Willis. More on this rumor as it develops.

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